Rosalía de Castro- Nasín cando as prantas nasen

A Rosa for Rosalía

I was born when the plants come out
In the month of flowers was I born,
One easy early morning
One early April morning.
That’s why they call me Rose
Of the sorrowful smile,
With thorns for everyone
But not a one for you.
It all ended for me
When I gave my love to you,
Ungrateful, who were my all
My glory and my whole life.
So what’s the problem, Mauro?
What’s your complaint then? Say!
When you know that I would die
To see you happy.
When you cursed me so
You drove in a hard nail
With all your crazy demands
So I don’t even know what you want.
Well, I gave you everything I had,
Through my desire for you.
I gave you my heart
With the key to open it
And I have nothing more to give
And you have nothing more to ask.

Rosalía de Castro (1837-1885) is the greatest of the nineteenth-century Galician poets.  Cantares Gallegos was published in 1863.  Rosalía blends typical Galician country rhymes with her knowledge of the syle of the courtly troubadors, interweaving the collection with her own angry, sad and passionate personality.

This poem has some unforgettable lines:

o meu corasón che mando/cunha chave para o abrir./ Nin eu teño máis que darche,/nin te máis que me pedir.

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2 Responses to Rosalía de Castro- Nasín cando as prantas nasen

  1. C.F.Mayo says:

    lovely poem, beautiful as a rose and sad …


  2. Ester says:

    My personal favourite from Rosalia de Castro is the poem “Hora tras hora, día tras día”


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