Leiras Pulpeiro- A Pretty Poem with a Moral

She tricked up pretty in port
The palm winner, the leader
Always the one who came in first
Against all the winds and tides,
Though the breezes gusted about
And the sea  was contrary.
No launch between the two capes
Was better or better-made,
But the winters went on by
And stripped away her majesty
And ate away at her ironwork
And unhinged her at the ribs
And not having her joints well caulked,
The timbers were all rent open,
And she was beached; nor did they
Leave her chains; so she was left
To rot away abandoned,
Beached at the foot of the rocks,
Anchorless and forgotten…
Until a wave came along,
Broke moorings and carried her
Off to a shore God knows where.
A worth once won, now lost
Makes past worth worthless.

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