Blanco Amor- Love Spell

I leant against a green pine
Counting on protection
Not so much from rain and sky
As from the spell on me.
I sought comfort in the air
And the air just whisked away;
I asked advice of the waters
And they ran off laughing at me;
I sat down at the edge of the sea
I felt so bad!
I wanted to let loose in the waves
They just let loose their sighs;
I wanted to speak with the clouds
So high they passed me over.
I showed my destiny
To the chattering birds
And the birds pecked away
At my wounded heart.
I went to take the counsel of stones
As old as the world itself,
And they showed me their toughness,
And I understood their advice.
Tired of this long suffering
I leant against a green pine
And spoke to it:  “Will you understand
My pain, my little brother?”
And instead of replying
It started to cry with me.

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