Xosé Ma Díaz Castro- Worm and Star

This eternal yearning for an absolute
Purity; this yearning for a justice
That will burn us; this yearning for beauty…
Under the stone wings of inertia
With the wages of sin on each corner
And the grass set for burning.  And ruin.

This yearning for light, whilst death’s wind whistles
Around the secret hollows of our hearts,
Its ashen gusts rooting up the days
And burning through all the most intimate
Places, sweeping them out like desire.
The light of the world is what burns in a tear.


I have been spending a lot of time with Xosé María Diaz Castro.  This poem seems to encapsulate the quality of saudade in a set of clear and powerful images.  We are motivated by sede-thirst-yearnings, driven towards unattainable absolutes whilst the only tangible absolute that moves through our lives is Death.

The poet uses enjambement to push the poem through a tight ABABCC rhyme scheme, which I have not attempted to imitate.  It seemed preferable to me to focus my energies on tightly rendering the sense of the original than to attempt to imitate its musicality.


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