I dig you

I dig every bit of you, all, the lot,
not ‘cos your damp skin burns up with fire
nor for your breasts’ warm cinnamon
nor even your sinful rhythm of hips.

I dig every bit of you, all, the lot,
not for your full mouth when I kiss it,
nor for the urgent calls of your flesh
that feverishly burn in your veins.

I dig every bit of you, all, the lot
not ‘cos you’re mine, belong to me,
and I can feel others’ envious looks
as though the envy were really my own.

I dig every bit of you, all, the lot,
Not ‘cos when I’m with you I spend the time
drinking in your breath, chewing over
the scraps of love you deign to throw me.

I dig every bit of you, all, the lot,
for that skin-ripe smell you have
that smell of the skin of a woman
‘cos no one in the world smells like that.

I dig every bit of you, all, the lot,
‘Cos that smell is yours and I found it for me.

César Díaz Martínes


I found this poem on Tumblr. I liked its adolescent passion and feeling so it seemed appropriate not to give it too much seriousness in the translation.

I have been reading a little too much about serious issues, such as a “project for identity”. There is nothing wrong with this simple passion though, is there?


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3 Responses to I dig you

  1. cynthiaromaker says:

    Jason, I have been greatly enjoying the poetry you are sending me, along with your commentary. This is the only “poetry” in my life, unless you count the poetry of watching and enjoying my rapidly-evolving-adult-son, which is truly a form of poetry!

    I especially loved the way you characterized the “adolescent passion” of this poem. Without that, I can see how one might sort of “dismiss” it as, well: puerile. However, viewed through the lens of adolescence, it is poignant … and definitely stirs up all kinds of wonderful/wondrous memories for all of us! Ahhh, those were the days, eh?

    I hope you are well! I recently gave your name and Fresco Tours to a colleague of mine at the domestic violence shelter where I volunteer. She is a young woman (26?) who is hoping to walk the Camino next year. I don’t think Fresco Tours would be “quite right” for her — ha! But she might contact you all for some resources.

    Also, I get a surprising number of visits every week even now to TodaysPilgrim.com!



    • Cynthia! Good to hear from you. How’s the monkey?

      I’ve just finished my touring year and am getting into my winter routine of writing, gardening and painting. On Wednesday I am going to England for a week to catch up with family before Christmas (because it is not so expensive).

      It would be a pleasure to talk to your friend. Give her my email address, if you like. Even if she doesn’t want to do the Camino with us, she might appreciate having someone she can call on in an emergency or ask for a bit of advice.

      I love what I do- can’t imagine doing anyhting more rewarding. And the poetry of your children: well, that is special too, isn’t it?

      Warmly back, Jason


  2. pierrmorgan says:

    Nope. There is everything right with it.


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