Curros Enríquez- The Virgin of the Crystal Part III

Marín EstradaThey must have loved each other a lot
The servants of Mazcareñas
They must have loved each other a lot
For them to be talking at such length.
Every night they are seated
On a great stone bench
Talking to each other alone
At the foot of the castle, together.

Truth or lies, the word runs
From the town to the village
That they will be wed in the fall.
They have the clothes all ready;
Though some swear and lie
(there is never a lack of ill-speakers)
That until the day the two lovers
Emerge married from the church,
Many things must come to pass
And a lot of grass will have to grow…

It is a bad thing in this world
To come up against one eaten by envy
But they are not so far off the track
To suggest there may be no wedding;
luaOne moonlit June night,
A quiet and fresh night
In the month of Santiago, when
All the meadows are in flower,
The countryside breathes out aromas
And the earth its sweet music,
In the square of Vilanova,
By the castle portcullis,
Martiño and Rosa are talking
And this is what they say:

-Martiño, what is bothering you
Tonight?  Don’t you want to talk?
Did you come from ploughing?
To be here like an owl?
When you left me
You were not in a bad temper,
So what bad temper brought you
Down from the fields home?
Were you bitten by a snake?
Were you whipped by a branch?
Did the wolves come out after you?
Were you surprised by a witch?
Answer, Martiño,
What is the problem?  Why won’t you speak?
-I don’t know how I bear to listen to you,
You cheap, dirty marten,
I don’t know how I bear to listen to you
And still keep my calm.
What is the problem!  What is the problem?
You ask me that, you cheat?
What is my problem?  I’ll tell you…
Well… I pity you!
You traitor!
-Oh my God!
-To trust in girls
Who say that they love you.
To trust in mere words!
Means nothing to anyone!
-But, man, you’ve gone crazy?
Heavens what a disgrace!
-Stop screaming!
Stop screaming… and be quiet!
-But, man, you are telling me
Things that make me startled…
You even scare me!
Your eyes start from your face!
Martiño, come, sit here,
Calm down, relax here;
I have done nothing to deserve
The bad way you are treating me.
Alone in the world,
Ignored by everyone,
For you to tell me this now
Is all that I needed!
Well I love you really

The Cold Church

And that is why it hammers me.
-You love me a lot…
Rosiña… my rosy…
You love me a lot…
You say so… and it’s enough.
You say the same
To Pedro Balada,
And to Xan de Ventraces
And the master of the house,
When a year and a half ago
He was overseeing the work…
You said, “May he never come!
May he never get here!”
-May the Holy Christ
Of Ourense support me!
-For him to help you now
Is too late, my girl,
And I, stupid me, wanted
And I, stupid me, thought
To marry you..
My noble little girl!…
-Martiño, although I am poor,
I do not really need you.
So be careful what you think!
So be careful what you say!
Six months talking is
Enough to be certain…
What is all this about Xan and Pedro?
Is that what you want then?
No, then… Beat me with
The threshing handle,
But leave me my honour
For my honour is sacred.
Ay! You , Martiño, are keeping
Bad company
You have got together
With bad people
And believe what they say
Though  it is worse than rabies!
Very well then, let it be as you
From today there is practically
No time left before the wedding
That I was expecting…
And as for my purity
(what were you thinking of?)
You never saw a glass
That could equal mine!
Means nothing to anyone!
And goodbye!  If you love someone else…
Much good may it do you!
In this way Rosa, muttering
Full of disconsolate grief,
Pretending that she is laughing,
Quickly goes into the castle;
And although she tries as one does
To hide what one feels from those around us,
She goes up the stairs
lovestrongRubbing her eyes.
In the gateway, like a statue,
Martiño bites his tongue
And although he coughs and spits
Like one who has no cares
A curse comes out of his mouth
And another remains in his body…
When at last, remembering,
He becomes aware of what is around him
He says, talking to himself:
“Either Xan is lying, or she is lying.”
And then, pulling on the chain
Of his horse desperately,
He adds: “No, then… if Rosa
Has the purity of glass,
I swear to God, Xan de Ventrances,
That I shall rip out your tongue!”

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3 Responses to Curros Enríquez- The Virgin of the Crystal Part III

  1. pierrmorgan says:

    Oh, dear. This doesn’t sound good for either of them… The accompanying artwork, however, is magnificent.


  2. pierrmorgan says:

    Okay – don’t tell me…I’ll hope for a happy ending.


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