Curros Enríquez- The Virgin of the Crystal- Part VIII


At this Rosa withdrew
From the window of the building
Leaving unlucky Martiño
Thunder-struck in the street.

Pale, sombre, astonished,
As cold as marble
Without even blinking
Nailed to the spot.

Then a jesting laugh
Came to his ears
The laugh of a full-bellied wolf…
The laugh of a crocodile…

-By God- he said at that
All caught up in a rage-O
Who is laughing?
-Xan de Ventrances.
-You, the thief of honour?
-The very same.
-Stop here!  Just like this,
I have a debt with you
And I want to have it out now.
-As much as you want.  I am ready.

-Well a word is enough.
-It is enough, I say the same to you.
-To Soutoverde, Xan.
-To wherever you want, Martiño.

Oh this doesn’t look good, does it?  Do you think there will be a happy ending?  Will Rosiña go to the convent and profess as a nun?  What will happen to Martiño?  He is so eaten up with rage and jealousy, it looks like he is going to lash out at Xan.  What do you think will happen then?  Who will win the fight and what will Rosa do?

Next instalment coming tomorrow!

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