Curros Enríquez- The Virgin of the Crystal- Part IX


In the morning of the following daywebcarr
On the mountain of Soutoverde,
On the crest above Vilanova,
There was no space for more people.

Everyone there was astonished,
Children, men, women,
And staring open-mouthed
At a trembling something.

On the boundary of a field
A stake could be seen stuck in the ground
And from the top of it
There is a tongue hanging down.

Some say: “It looks so long
It must belong to some animal.”
And others: “I’d say it’s a piglet’s
By the amount of blood it is spurting.”

As they were saying this and that
Without really knowing,  word got out
That it was the tongue of Xan de Ventrances
The rascal of the village.

Very early in the morning,
Xan, twisted over, dying,
Came to the town showing
That he had no tongue between his teeth.

When this news came out,
Many took pity on him,
But many more exclaimed
“Well done.  Teach him a lesson.”

The Justice ran around like crazy
Trying to find out who did it
But since Xan couldn’t talk
He wasn’t able to find out.

Martiño escaped like a fox,
And when the one he loved so much
Went to Allariz to profess as a nun,
He, still in love with her,

Went after, to liveO
Opposite her convent.
Poor boy!  One night
In cold and sad December,
Four months after
Rosiña had professed,

Martiño, at the foot of the convent,
Burning up with fever,
Was watching the iron grille
Of the cell in which many times
It seemd to him he saw Rosa’s
Celestial apparition.

He thought that beyond the stones
Of that solemn enclosure
There would be someone who felt
That same way that he felt,

Without recognising that the girls
Who are offered to a life with Christ
Leave their loves at the door
When they go into the cloister.

It was snowing.  Softly, softly,
Slowly, slowly,
There started to fall

He stares with his eyes wide open
And stretches his head up a lot,
But through the grille of the cell
Martiño does not make out anything.

Always looking, looking
He dares not even breather,
And by thinking on his Rosa
He even forgets the cold.

After one hour, the next hour
Goes slowly past
And he neither shifts from the spot
Nor cares about the bad weather.

From time to time the wretch
Shivers unconsciously
His body trembling
And his teeth a-chatter.

Valleys, hills and mountains
Are blotted out and disappear
And a sad, white winding cloth
Extends over everything.

Up there above in the grille
In the meantime all is dark;
Nothing is heard and no one
Appears behind the ironwork.

At that moment Martiño
Sees Rosa appearing to him,
Wants to talk to her… and cannot…
He sighs out… and dies.
The snow that falls around him
Slowly makes for him- bit by bit-
A trough that swallows him
From head to toe.

Over his dead body
Slowly, slowly,
Came falling, falling
The flakes of snow.

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2 Responses to Curros Enríquez- The Virgin of the Crystal- Part IX

  1. pierrmorgan says:

    I knew it. If there’s a part X, I imagine it’s a Romeo & Juliet tragedy. But I don’t believe he really loved Rosa, so I’m not too sad. But poor Xan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • There is a Part X. I’ll put it up tomorrow with some comments. Carmen said she could see it coming as well. Maybe I am just an old Romantic but I thought that the Virgin might come through for poor old Martiño the first time I read it.


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