Xosé Bolado- The Wings of the Bullet

feb1Some time went by before I realised the truth some words hold.  Their lethal blade in silence.

When they told me that the doctor was shot on the esplanade by the cemetery without saying anything, I didn’t know how far that information was going to be definitive for me.

Today when I hear the shout, “Viva España” I cringe because I can feel the wings of the bullet.

I’ve been reading a little book of prose poems in Asturianu and Castellano- La Bona Intención (Impronta, Xixón, 2012).  I took it out of the library but I have to get my hands on a copy.  In my unusual Christmas I watched a documentary about the film that Francisco Franco wrote the script for- Raza- and I have a sea of questions about the aesthetics of power.  These prose poems are tough little flowers that take a lot of reading and re-reading.

I have to get hold of that book.

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2 Responses to Xosé Bolado- The Wings of the Bullet

  1. pierrmorgan says:

    “…tough little flowers…”

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nannus says:

    The aesthetics of power is an interesting topic. I see connections to the phenomena of kitsch and ideology.


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