Uxío Novoneyra- Os Eidos

-Slender little spinner
always at your spinning
always spinning and dreaming
in the end to come to nothing.

-In the end to come to nothing,
that has still to be seen
since with the linen threads
as I twist them from their place
something has to take.

-Something has to take
and you were right, by faith,
since while watching you
all the time without realising
I went along falling in love.

This poem come from Novoneyra’s Os Eidos Libro do Courel. I don’t usually put the original alongside the translation but I will here. Novoneyra’s poems are pure poetic objects: the sound sense is as important as the meaning and, at times, even the visual aspect of the words plays its part. If that sounds enigmatic, wait until tomorrow and I’ll give you a couple of examples.

sempre metida a fiar
sempre a fiar e soñar
para logo non ser nada.
-Para logo non ser nada
eso inda está por ver
e pois cas frebas do liño
ó torcelas de camiño
algo se ha de prender.
-Algo se ha de prender
i afé que tiñas razón
que eu estábache mirando
sin deñar que encantenón
íbame indo namorando.

In the Spanish translation in the version I am using that last line is translated “me iba enamorando”. Really, I suppose it should be translated as “I was going, going, falling in love.” This little touch at the end of the poem is a visual and sound equivalent to the act of spinning- the kind of touch that Novoneyra is so good at.

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