More Goliard poetry: Now, now

Now, now meadows are green
Now, now all the young girls
are happy and the earth
puts on a smiling face.
Now has Summer appeared
she comes in happy flowers dressed.

The wood is turning green,
the fruit trees are in leaf,
now harsh winter is gone;
For you, O happy youth,
with joyful flowers now
love brings maidens.
So let’s go forth and fight
under Venus’s flag,
let’s turn away sadness
we here who are in flower.
Just seeing and talking
hope and love take us to joy!

This is a Goliard lyric for spring. It seems appropriate for the time of year. I have taken some liberties with the translation because it is rather difficult to get the Latin right. Read it yourself and see what you think.

Iam iam virent prata
iam iam virgines
iocundantur, terre
rident facies.
Estas nunc apparuit,
ornatusque florum lete claruit.

Nemus revirescit
frondent frutices,
hiems seva cessit;
leti iuvenes,
congaudete floribus,
amor allicit vos iam virginibus.

Ergo militemus
simul Veneri,
tristia vitemus
nos qui teneri:
visus et colloquia,
spes amorque trahant nos ad gaudia!

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1 Response to More Goliard poetry: Now, now

  1. pierrmorgan says:

    “we here who are in flower.” – Very nice.


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