mozatreeIt is 2017 and I have a number of projects that have kept me away from this blog for a while.  I have been thinking how to bring the separate strands of what I do together and playing around with different projects.

For the past year and a half we have been taking volunteers to help in our organic garden in Asturias.  You can see a bit of that work here:  The website is not the best unfortunately and it does not focus on the gardens, which in my mind are the major attraction.

When I came to Spain with Carmen eight and a half years ago the garden was a field that she rented out to a neighbour and we have been planting trees, bushes, flowers and a vegetable plots since then.  Year by year it changes.  Last year we started taking in volunteers to help through the WWOOF organisation:

These volunteers have been of all ages from 18-60 and have been a great help in the garden.  I realise, however, that they are not necessarily primarily motivated by organic farming.  They are on their own individual life journeys.  They enjoy the environment we live in and gladly help with the work that we are engaged in, but the attraction of being in the mountains is more than just the attraction of organic farming.  It is good food, healthy activity and stimulating conversations as well.

I came to think that I could share all of this without the umbrella of the volunteer organisation.  Why not read, walk and eat instead of gardening, talking and eating?  That is the motivation behind Shakespeare in the Mountains.  I hope to extend the range of activities that I engage in to attract more people and really promote the things that seem important to me in the world: good living and good reading, which I never separate.

In the meantime I have put an archive widget in the bar on the right to enable you to search through the translations here by month.  There is a lot of work there and I shall be going over it and re-working and re-issuing some of those translations with new commentaries through the year.  I have an idea that it might be a good idea to put together an e-book.  What do you think?



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  1. I like the image – is it your own work?


    • Hi Graham, thanks for commenting. Yes, that is one of my paintings. I was playing around with gesso-painted panels. The horizontal bands at top and bottom are the leather strips that hinge the three panels together.


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