Out on the Camino de Santiago

My name is Jason.  I am an artist, teacher and writer.  For half of the year I work as a guide on the Camino de Santiago and for the rest I engage in artistic and literary pursuits: painting in the mountains; studying in the library in Avilés; translating poetry and prose; and visiting places in my growing catalogue of significant sites.

I paint directly from nature with my arse in the mud and my hands getting cold.  Painting for me is a kind of meditation.  It is a strucutred way of being still and contemplative in nature.  My favourite poetry has this quality of contact with the world: a succession of artless images that build a simple but powerful picture.  I hope you find some of these qualities in my translations.

I am also a teacher.  I always put my comments about the authors I translate after the poems so you can skip them if you prefer.  If you find them useful, write me a comment.


I’d be pleased to hear from you!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words about the Rilke translations on the website I run, and which I have relayed to the translator, Roger Hunt Carroll. The strange thing is that I can’t stand Rilke either as a person or a poet, but I did quite like these ‘arrangements’ by my (email) friend Roger Hunt Carroll. I run a poetry series at the Poetry Cafe, Covent Garden, London and if you came to this country I could probably give you a slot there. (No meetings now until February). You are especially invited to look at my new website http://www.whatispoetry.org and make some comment or write a counter article : I want to generate discussion on poetry. I will print if it is of worth in my view whether or not it agrees with me. I hate contemporary poetry and want to change things, to bring about a cultural revolution – not decided yet on what side I would put you but you look sympathetic ! I will look at your poems and translations (esp. latter) and if I like them I’ll give you space on the http://www.poetryintranslation.org website in due course. Yours Sebastian Hayes

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  2. Xuan Bello says:

    Muchas gracias por la traducción de mi poema.

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  3. xdbx says:

    Hi Jason, I like the idea of painting “directly from nature with my arse in the mud and my hands getting cold” but in reality I prefer standing at an easel in the studio with warm hands : ) Regarding the meditation aspect I’m with you on that.
    Thank you for the `Like’ on my life drawing blog: http://deeberridge02.wordpress.com/
    Best, Dee

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  4. russellboyle says:

    Jason, each time I click on your “Zombie Love” post synopsis on my “Reader” page I receive a page not found error message. Not sure what the problem is: my end or yours?

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  5. hickson1 says:

    Thanks, Jason, for reading my blog – means a lot!!

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  6. ottomandandy says:

    its great to discover that we have many common points:like spain, Sevilla ,Galicia , baroque art etc…

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  7. JulesPaige says:

    Thanks for stopping by, commenting and choosing to follow my daily site.
    It sound sounds to me like you are living a dream. Continued success in your teaching, translations and painting. I also dabble in small crafts, but my muse seems to prefer writing at the moment.
    I will book mark your site and look forward to reading your translations. Thanks again.

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  8. Your paintings are really lovely. I like them alot. I’m always a bit envious of painters and illustrators…

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  9. What a wonderful vocation… walking the Camino del Santiago with pilgrims, teaching, and translating poetry. Many blessings and much gratitude for sharing all of this!

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  10. nannus says:

    A very beautiful blog!

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  11. Jason, thank you for recently stopping and liking a post on my blog. Creativity is a messy process and we find it in the most unexpected ways in the quiet of our meditative and contemplative practices. I look forward to your creativity as I follow your blog.

    Take care,


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    • Ivon- I was very interested in your alternative education history as I used to work at Summerhill School in England and am contemplating a project in Vilnius as we speak. I am looking forward to seeing more of what you are up to. I just put up a new poem if you are interested.

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  12. elizjamison says:

    Where can I comment under your latest posts? I don’t see a place for comments or likes.

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    • I think you have to click on one of the posts. Then the like button comes up and you can add a comment. When you go to Home you get a list of posts and the comment and like buttons are not visible. This is true of all of the wordpress blogs, not just mine. Thanks for looking around my blog. I just posted a piece if you are interested.


  13. Albert Harp says:

    Thanks Jason for reading my blog and some of my poems. You liked “Frozen Light. I do not like to interpret my poems, so I won’t. I’d rather have the reader’s imagination go wild!
    What do you mean “please moderate”? I don’t know how to manage “moderation” on the blog.
    Your paintings are vivaciously inspiring. You create a lucid garden space that I would mind entering and living in for a while.
    I paint too, but I have not shared my paintings on the internet.
    I was intrigued by you reference to Majnoon Layla who was Qays ibn al-Mulawah, the desert poet who was literally “madly” infatuated with his beloved Layla till death. I still remember 2 famous lines of his poem Layla which I will translate:
    Do Not Think that I have abandoned you willfully
    That would be an act that would never happen
    I will always love you as long as I live, were I to die
    My echoes will forever follow yours among the graves

    This metered poetry sounds most eloquent in its original Arabic, but the meaning is there.
    Again, thanks for your comments Jason. It means a lot to me.

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    • Albert
      Moderation is something you do at your end. All it means is that no one can post a comment on your blog without you looking at it and approving it. Normally what happens is that you get and email when someone posts to your blog and you can approve or reject the comment. Some comments are obviously just from people who want to promote their slimming pills or whatever and you can leave these out or delete them although WordPress does a pretty good job of detecting this kind of thing by itself and putting it in a Spam folder. The best way to monitor this is to go onto the website rather than using the app for ipad or whatever, as you ahve more control and more options.

      Thanks for the lines from Layla. Do you read Arabic? How wonderful! I have visited some pages to just listen to the sound of the poetry in the original language and, although I obviously don’t understand it, the rhythms and sounds are captivating. Well, next week I shall be in Andalusia and will carry a little of this thinking with me.


  14. Enjoying your translations so very much. I decided to add your name to the nominee list for this award:


    It’s a pretty interesting means of networking.

    Tranquilitas et bonum, Jason. 🙂

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  16. keithfitton says:

    Hi Jason
    I’m following this blog now having dropped in on your paintings. Thank you for your inspirational words and liberating approach to painting. There are many echoes in your work with my own deepening practice.

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  17. kestrelart says:

    I just thpught i would mention that I admire your blog and I referenced it in the most recent post on my own.
    Best wishes

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  18. awax1217 says:

    I am glad you liked my work. Thank you, Barry

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  19. gegallas says:

    I thought you might like to know that my graphic novel “The Poet and the Flea” (Volume 1) about the poet-painter William Blake is now on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/868711984/the-poet-and-the-flea-ode-to-william-blake-volume Please check it out and help spread the word! Thank you so much! —G. E.

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  20. Matthew says:

    I am very interested in your work and would like to consider it for my magazine. Please get in touch.

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  21. Lucía Novas says:

    Hello! Thank you very much por my poem translation. I love it! 🙂 I would like to talk with you about it. Would you send me your email? Thank you! 🙂

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  22. nannus says:

    I just discovered I had unfollowed your blog by mistake…


  23. dgalbi says:

    Thanks for your translation of “”Aprilis tempore, quo nemus frondibus.” Some consideration of that and related poems here:

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