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Pondal: A Celtic Bard in Spain

At the hour the sweet morning star Begins to soften and melt, His well-horned mountain goats Trotting along in front, Temenday the Celtic shepherd comes Returning to his sweet fold Alone and singing through the broom Of Xallas, decked with … Continue reading

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Trobadores- Johan Arias de Santiago

I saw a young girl walking At Cresente through the woods And there she started singing Far from the view of the world Tying her skirt at the waist As the sun with dawn gold chased The banks of the … Continue reading

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The Tempest at the Globe

Was Shakespeare written by Shakespeare?  People who want to poach his work for some noble pen ignore the references within the plays to the business of theatre.  The Tempest is a good example of this.  It gives knowing nods to … Continue reading

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It is 2017 and I have a number of projects that have kept me away from this blog for a while.  I have been thinking how to bring the separate strands of what I do together and playing around with … Continue reading

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In Death’s Wake

Eduardo Blanco Amor- poet of love and longing Continue reading

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Novoneyra- Wolf Stuff

Novoneyra is the poet of O Courel. Here he writes about the wolf.
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Funky evanescence – No / holds / barred //

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