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Calderón de la Barca

Calderón de la Barca In my last post I looked at George Herbert.  Calderón de la Barca was his contemporary in Spain.  The two are not particularly alike, but I came across them both when I was a teenager.  We … Continue reading

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When I was a teenager I bought a copy of Metaphysical Poets in the Penguin edition with an introduction by Helen Gardner. I think it is the only poetry collection I still have from that time. Continue reading

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The flax spinner is a theme in Spanish poetry and painting. In this short post I offer tow poems by Novoneyra on the theme.
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Pondal Nadal: Christmas Celts and Nationalism

Listen to the Podcast here: Podomatic At the hour the sweet morning star Begins to soften and melt, His well-horned mountain goats Trotting along in front, Temenday the Celtic shepherd comes Returning to his sweet fold Alone and singing through … Continue reading

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Misreading and Noriega Varela

Humble song Sweet-smelling April breeze Ethereal clouds Go with you. Humble stone Lost in mud Wounded by sun Becomes a star. Black branches Touching sky Paint themselves Celestial blue. Drop of dew Trembling light I see sun Inside you Humble … Continue reading

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Cesário Verde: Poppies in a Cleavage

At that bourgeois picnic, There was something so simple and beautiful, With neither history nor grandeur, Yet worth a watercolour all the same. When you dismounted the donkey, With no foolish pretensions, you went to gather In a blue chickpea-patterned … Continue reading

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By the River

Ó Longo das Ribeiras Yearning along the water’s edge I go, my girl. Where are the boats and flowers? The rivers head nowhere now. Far distance and sea don’t exist. It is all right here and clear. The hour is … Continue reading

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Privacy Matters

This is a short note to let my subscribers understand my position on the new privacy law. I am not going to be sending out one of those advice notices that you probably delete instantly without reading, just as I … Continue reading

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Ultreya: the Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments of the Galician Youth Movement Ultreya   – Porque amo a Galiza con toda a miña ialma, adicareille os meus millores esforzos pra tornala eternamente feliz. Since I love Galicia with all my heart, I shall dedicate my … Continue reading

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Ultreya: Celtic Boy Scouts

I offended a friend. “The Boy Scouts?  That’s the Hitler Youth with ginger beer, isn’t it?” I said. “I love the Scouts,” he replied.  “Choose your weapon!” I backed off quickly because, if he had been a scout, he could … Continue reading

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