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Ultreya: the Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments of the Galician Youth Movement Ultreya   – Porque amo a Galiza con toda a miña ialma, adicareille os meus millores esforzos pra tornala eternamente feliz. Since I love Galicia with all my heart, I shall dedicate my … Continue reading

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Ammiel in the Mountains

What is political writing? What is political reading?
How can reading invigorate your life? Continue reading

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Noriega: trees and language

It is a rivulet running Sheltered through the shade Of some dense pine wood: Take this cover and it dies Before it can reach the valley. I am thinking about this verse today.  Noriega is talking about his own language, … Continue reading

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Our Language: Novoneyra and Noriega Varela

Our Language The mountain man is coming now. Why?  Oh dear heart!  He is blind- He cannot see past the veil: He is coming to speak Gallego He is coming so that Gallego can live. Our language is a little … Continue reading

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An Afternoon in Spring

Antonio Machado’s poem “An Afternoon in Spring.” I don’t understand it. Do you? Continue reading

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You See, You Hear

In this Christmas post, I am thinking of you sitting at home with a brandy in your hand.  I want to share with you some of the sounds of the poetry we have been talking about.  And with that in … Continue reading

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Shakespeare’s sonnets

This week I took a rest from considering Novoneyra, the mountains and the countryside and gave myself up to Reading Shakespeare The sonnets start with a series in which the poet argues with a young man who is wasting his … Continue reading

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