My Painting

aa3The paintings that you see on this blog are all my own.  I paint outside amongst the trees or up on the mountains.  I walk to where I am going.

The practice of painting is compelling because it is a part of my lived experience, quiet amongst trees with my backside in the mud.  The painting gives me patience to be there and a discipline to look and feel.  I often feel it is like meditation.

I do not bother with techniques or styles.  Sometimes I like to go for details and sometimes I enjoy the freedom of the mark, but I do not want to learn how to paint.  I do not want to be a good painter.

I make money doing other things so I do not have to think of my painting as a commercial activity.  If anything I prefer to give them away or burn them than sell them, so if you want one of my paintings make friends!

Here you can see paintings without poetry:  Painting Finger

16 Responses to My Painting

  1. Hey – I love your work!

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  2. JulesPaige says:

    There can be more than one muse in the soul of an artist. The brushes used may differ. The story, the lines…the visual love of what is accomplished – freely flows…


    • Thanks for commenting. I try not to think about whether what I do is any good or not because it stops me doing it and just doing it is what drives me on from one thing to the next. But it is good to hear people’s comments! Cheers back!


  3. ThePoliticalVagina says:

    I love your philosophy about painting!


  4. Fergiemoto says:

    This is a quote I have on my “about” page:
    “Painters must want to paint above all else. If the artist in front of the canvas begins to wonder how much he will sell it for, or what the critics will think of it, he won’t be able to pursue original avenues. Creative achievements depend on single-minded immersion”. – Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

    Thank you for visiting one of my blogs and leaving a comment at


  5. Margaret says:

    Hello there
    I am very happy that you liked my blog because it has led me here to your blog, which I find quite fascinating. I would love to adopt an attitude like yours and stop worrying what others will think about my creatve endeavours. I was also very interested to read that you used to teach at Summerhill. I read quite a lot about that when I was doing an education degree years ago. That must have been an amazing experience. Thanking for sharing your ideas and your lovely paintings.


    • Thanks for the kind words, Margaret. My family all seem to think I am hopelessly eccentric: I am not very good at the money-making and stability sides of life, but I can’t help following my own course. It is a wonderful life, painting and sharing poetry and history, though I miss teaching, especially the “difficult” adolescents. If you are interested in Summerhill you might want to go for an open day. I was there for six years and would probably still be there if I hadn’t met Carmen. It is a special place.


  6. chicagopainter says:

    Hi Jason,
    I make my living as an artist. Barely. It has enormous highs for me sometimes, but also It’s a hard road, which causes me and many of the people in my life a lot of stress. Just for a second reading your thoughts on a few of your pages I remembered what it was like before all this, when the act of painting was purer, without the baggage.

    Food for thought. Thank You.


    • Thanks for stopping by at my blog. I understand the difficulty of making a living out of artwork. I come from an artistic family. Both of my parents are artists and so is one of my brothers. Two of us have pursued artistic lives and the other two have run a mile from it because they wanted financial security, stuff and a normal life. I have always valued the example of my parents’ resourcefulness in working their way through life, with all the ups and downs. The greatest gift that they have given me is the ability to see that it is not just okay, but right and proper, to find the creative moment, to live for what makes life worth living. It is great that you can make a living out of your artwork: that makes you a beacon and an example. I’ll look into your work some more!


  7. Sooo good!!!!!!!!…i like it a lot 🙂


  8. Jason, I think your work gives breath and light to ones imagination. One has to look and contemplate all the other images besides the one being presented. Beautiful! I especially loved your line, “I prefer to give them away or burn them than sell them.“ I too have ventured into painting through the years and have either given them away or trashed them. And just for your info…I would love one of your art pieces!


  9. It’s great to sit and contemplate what’s before you, but get yourself a small folding stool.


  10. Vanessa Rivera says:

    Your paintings are beautiful. Such a peaceful life.


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