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Following Lot

I can hear at my back the crying of the children, I take with me the words of the dead, I ask myself right now if the beds are not even cold yet how can I not turn and look … Continue reading

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J.I. Pidal Montes- Sabino

Lifting me up like a forkful of grass My grandfather Sabino was very fine lifting up forkfuls of grass. An untitled architect they would never have employed to build the Temple of Solomon; because my grandfather, if he had to, … Continue reading

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Roxana Popelka- Make-up

Make-up Those two students, the ones who are sitting in the back row, scare me. You can see so much aggression in their gaze. They don’t look happy and they are only 16. Their faces are caked with make up. … Continue reading

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Xosé Bolado- The Wings of the Bullet

Some time went by before I realised the truth some words hold.  Their lethal blade in silence. When they told me that the doctor was shot on the esplanade by the cemetery without saying anything, I didn’t know how far … Continue reading

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Letter to My Wife

Letter to my wife My love, don’t forget it, there are words that are sinful to say these days. Words that you shouldn’t pronounce nor even think them, stutter them ponder and praise them, write them… Much less scream them. … Continue reading

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Xuan María Acebal

He follows behind the lazy cows And turns a deep furrow with the plough: When weeding he pulls out the bad growth And thins out the maize when it’s overgrown; When reaping he makes piles of cornstalks Or cobs to … Continue reading

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