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Luis Miguel Rabañal- El Extraño

The stranger’s voice is broken by the ice and he heads for a sinister place probably that enormous store, where girls are auctioned off, at this time of the unpredictable moon and faces marked with red ochre. Whilst the charade … Continue reading

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Héctor Pérez Iglesias- The sunset is a dog

The sunset is a dog all mangy-coloured that circles around in a corner of the sky looking for a place to lie down. Cobalt fugitive and frothy saffron. The shadow of a sparrowhawk suddenly has the fatal quality of a … Continue reading

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Letter to My Wife

Letter to my wife My love, don’t forget it, there are words that are sinful to say these days. Words that you shouldn’t pronounce nor even think them, stutter them ponder and praise them, write them… Much less scream them. … Continue reading

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Francisco Bances Candamo- Poesía Selecta (Gijón: Pexe, 2004)

Life in the Village Those who say that a man can live at peace Hidden away in a village, wanting Desiring and aiming for nothing, Where finely-dressed Envy has no lease, Let them come here for Experience to release Them … Continue reading

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Memories- Noriega Varela

Oh divine Yearning!  I will show you Companions, if it is true you really want them. They are like roses cut from rosebushes, Little stars dropped from heaven. They are the memories of pretty shepherdesses, Of fascinating magical creatures, Who … Continue reading

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