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Iglesia Alvariño- O Longo das Ribeiras

Ó Longo das Ribeiras    Along the water’s edge, in longing I go, my girl.   Where are the boats and flowers?   The rivers no longer flow anywhere. The far distance and the sea don’t exist. Everything is here … Continue reading

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Neo Romantizo: turning Romantic again

So far as life cures its own wound in me It reminds me of a thirst I didn’t have- A desire for channels and wells Where a voice bubbles up to be torn by the wind. There were never words … Continue reading

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My friend, my lover

My friend: well then, they asked me Asked after you and my sadness Though it’s true you weren’t taken Taken by earth or by sea Nor even the happy breeze. My friend: it’s true, I was sad Just because you … Continue reading

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Blanco Amor- Love Spell

I leant against a green pine Counting on protection Not so much from rain and sky As from the spell on me. I sought comfort in the air And the air just whisked away; I asked advice of the waters … Continue reading

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Blanco Amor: Saudade

I set off one early morning Maybe never to return Brown autumn leaves were milling And rolling over the ground Brown leaves of autumn lying beneath my walking feet. I set my sight on the distance Without once turning my … Continue reading

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