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  The Pastoral of Pedr’Amigo de Sevilla One day on my way to Compostela as a pilgrim a shepherdess I saw. I’ve seen none so fine in all of my life nor any that spoke finer than she, so I composed … Continue reading

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Goliard Poetry

Goliard PoetryIO let us now be happyWhilst we are still so young.After our happy youthful days,After our bitter older age,Down to the earth we come.IIWhere are they?  Where did they gothose who lived before us?Either to hell down below,or to … Continue reading

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Santiago- a Poem by Lorca

Tonight Santiago went by On his path of light through the sky The playing children say so a gentle brook’s burbling water. Where to, celestial pilgrim, riding that infinite clear path? He’s heading for distant dawn’s shine on a horse … Continue reading

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