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Elías Veiga- Robinson Astur

Last Tuesday The men from the council Put out Three waste containers Next to the church. It’s about time Now there’s hardly anyone left In the village: Four pensioners With an old cow And four chickens. All the young men … Continue reading

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En las Orillas del Sar

In the organ’s echoes or the wind’s words In a star’s shining or a drop of rain, She felt you all round, saw you everywhere Without ever finding you. Maybe she found you, found you and lost you Again, in … Continue reading

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An afternoon in spring Murmured these words to me: If you are seeking paths With flowers in this world Then put to death your words And let your old soul speak. Let the same white linen That you are wearing … Continue reading

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Neo Romantizo: turning Romantic again

So far as life cures its own wound in me It reminds me of a thirst I didn’t have- A desire for channels and wells Where a voice bubbles up to be torn by the wind. There were never words … Continue reading

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