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Novoneyra and Saudade

The roots of Novoneyra in Galician Saudade: yearning. Continue reading

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Bran’s Business

Bran’s Business Bran, stretching himself across the river, his head on one bank, his feet on the other, said: Who is the god who is older than the bridge! And so the people and the cattle could pass from one … Continue reading

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Cancionero de Ripoll-  In April Time

Cancionero de Ripoll- In April time… In April time, when the wood is decked green and the field with rosy flowers is dressed, tender youth is enflamed with love. Enflamed with love is tender youth, all the little birds sing … Continue reading

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Letter to My Wife

Letter to my wife My love, don’t forget it, there are words that are sinful to say these days. Words that you shouldn’t pronounce nor even think them, stutter them ponder and praise them, write them… Much less scream them. … Continue reading

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