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The flax spinner is a theme in Spanish poetry and painting. In this short post I offer tow poems by Novoneyra on the theme.
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Daniel Pernas Nieto- Seixo Branco

On that peak there a white rock guards the pines in the misty, melancholy moonlight. You, Old Shepherd of the crow-haunted wastes, where by day the lark distils sun to song, have watched your flocks for two thousand years in … Continue reading

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Curros Enríquez- The Virgin of the Crystal Part VII

VII One blue August night Like a present from summer Vilanova dos Infantes Is all a buzz and uproar. Never did mysterious moonlight Pour such a silvery light, Nor willows in the breezes Spread out such fragrant odours. Through the … Continue reading

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Curros Enríquez- The Virgin of the Crystal, Part I

The Virgin of the Crystal A Legend You young girls of Vilanova, You have good reason to talk; For there is no Virgin in the world Like the Virgin of the Crystal. Burning souls born to cry A science that … Continue reading

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Yolanda Castaño- (RE)SER(VADO)

A A slow knife is the project for identity. An indigo celebration is re-cognition. How did I let all this happen to me? My own dream went away from me with me I cannot allow them to misinterpret me one … Continue reading

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The Girl at the Fountain

I saw you on a clear night, It was Midsummer´s Eve, And you were putting fresh herbs Out in the fountain to cool. Ah, but you were so pretty Like the rose on the rosebush When it is covered all … Continue reading

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En las Orillas del Sar

In the organ’s echoes or the wind’s words In a star’s shining or a drop of rain, She felt you all round, saw you everywhere Without ever finding you. Maybe she found you, found you and lost you Again, in … Continue reading

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Neo Romantizo: turning Romantic again

So far as life cures its own wound in me It reminds me of a thirst I didn’t have- A desire for channels and wells Where a voice bubbles up to be torn by the wind. There were never words … Continue reading

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My friend, my lover

My friend: well then, they asked me Asked after you and my sadness Though it’s true you weren’t taken Taken by earth or by sea Nor even the happy breeze. My friend: it’s true, I was sad Just because you … Continue reading

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Álvaro Cunqueiro- The Enchanted Island

There is an enchanted island Away in the deeps of the sea With oxen the colour of weather And shepherd girls made of glass. The isle has a river of birds That open their mouths in song- Sad island birds … Continue reading

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