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Trobadores- Johan Arias de Santiago

I saw a young girl walking At Cresente through the woods And there she started singing Far from the view of the world Tying her skirt at the waist As the sun with dawn gold chased The banks of the … Continue reading

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Curros Enríquez- The Virgin of the Crystal Part VI

VI If the tradition I follow does not lie From the past scenes to the following day In the morning, Sitting in the shade of the willows sewing In the valley of Vilanova watching her cattle Is Rosiña. Unaware of … Continue reading

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Always the Same

‘So my girl, did you see a wolf To take the words from your mouth?’ A young lad said this to a girl Because she went silently by Without saying a thing to him Or those he was walking with. … Continue reading

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En las Orillas del Sar

In the organ’s echoes or the wind’s words In a star’s shining or a drop of rain, She felt you all round, saw you everywhere Without ever finding you. Maybe she found you, found you and lost you Again, in … Continue reading

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My friend, my lover

My friend: well then, they asked me Asked after you and my sadness Though it’s true you weren’t taken Taken by earth or by sea Nor even the happy breeze. My friend: it’s true, I was sad Just because you … Continue reading

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Álvaro Cunqueiro- The Enchanted Island

There is an enchanted island Away in the deeps of the sea With oxen the colour of weather And shepherd girls made of glass. The isle has a river of birds That open their mouths in song- Sad island birds … Continue reading

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Poetry from Mozambique

Mother- José Craveirinha My mother, I swallow the resin from the old trees And it feels good flowing in my veins. It is the destiny of my birth Amongst ballads chanted round a bonfire. You know how the sorrow is … Continue reading

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Henrique Rabunhal- Dialogue with my lover

Dialogue with my lover Listen! Do you feel the wind, shaving the windows ? It is my body which goes around sticking to you, Bled dry in a dream that scales buildings, In bites like hours and like snow. Handed … Continue reading

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Celso Emilio Ferreiro- Longa Noite de Pedra

Long Night of Stone In my path there is a stone I have a stone in the middle of the path I have a stone In the middle of the path I have a stone. (Carlos Drummond de Andrade) The … Continue reading

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Hurdy Gurdy Romance

Hurdy Gurdy Romance  -Count Laiño with your sweet loving, Do not go far from the side of hearth. Haughty gallant with eyes burning, Suffering gallant who speaks so sweet. -Beside the manor I have a love, Ah, beloved treasure Of … Continue reading

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