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Iglesia Alvariño- O Longo das Ribeiras

Ó Longo das Ribeiras    Along the water’s edge, in longing I go, my girl.   Where are the boats and flowers?   The rivers no longer flow anywhere. The far distance and the sea don’t exist. Everything is here … Continue reading

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Iglesia Alvariño- Rosalía de Castro

      Rosalía de Castro Oh, the long rain! A dream of grass atop the bridge -Hill peaks, night peaks and many little children. -Turn white, happy white mill, happy spout. -What dreams are the still waters of your eyes … Continue reading

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Goliard Poetry

Goliard PoetryIO let us now be happyWhilst we are still so young.After our happy youthful days,After our bitter older age,Down to the earth we come.IIWhere are they?  Where did they gothose who lived before us?Either to hell down below,or to … Continue reading

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The Oak Wood

 Iglesia Alvariño-  As CarballeirasOh, my girl, how dark the rustlingour footsteps make in the oak grove!Our feet go sinking happilyin the soft leaves, amongst the ferns.And the wood fills up with happiness,an old friend to soulful young men.Now they are … Continue reading

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Noriega Varela- the Angelic Wolf

Noriega Varela This is an article translated from the book Galicia Emigrante 1954-1971 a collection of the radio broadcasts of Luis Seoane (Ediciós do Castro: A Coruña, 1994). Angelic Wolf is the name the great poet of Portugal, Teixeira de Pascoes, gave … Continue reading

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