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Ibn Sahl- The earth has donned a green cloak

The earth has donned a green cloak and dew spreads pearls across the hills, the flowers awake, seeming like camphor, and penetrating musk the dust; the lilies salute the roses, a pearly mouth that kisses a red cheek. The river … Continue reading

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Cancionero de Ripoll-  In April Time

Cancionero de Ripoll- In April time… In April time, when the wood is decked green and the field with rosy flowers is dressed, tender youth is enflamed with love. Enflamed with love is tender youth, all the little birds sing … Continue reading

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Love Poem

Be well, you jewel, my girl and let your lover say As the  huge heaving sea makes other waters small And the Morning Star shines the brightest in the sky You are that much fairer than any other girl And … Continue reading

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