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Daniel Pernas Nieto- Seixo Branco

On that peak there a white rock guards the pines in the misty, melancholy moonlight. You, Old Shepherd of the crow-haunted wastes, where by day the lark distils sun to song, have watched your flocks for two thousand years in … Continue reading

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Iglesia Alvariño- Rosalía de Castro

      Rosalía de Castro Oh, the long rain! A dream of grass atop the bridge -Hill peaks, night peaks and many little children. -Turn white, happy white mill, happy spout. -What dreams are the still waters of your eyes … Continue reading

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Daniel Pernas Nieto- A Dream

  Once in a hedgerow as a child sleep took me and I slept a while. I dreamt such things in that short sleep that after I ran from children’s games And seeking out some willow’s shade I tried to dream, … Continue reading

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Always the Same

‘So my girl, did you see a wolf To take the words from your mouth?’ A young lad said this to a girl Because she went silently by Without saying a thing to him Or those he was walking with. … Continue reading

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Álvaro Cunqueiro- The Enchanted Island

There is an enchanted island Away in the deeps of the sea With oxen the colour of weather And shepherd girls made of glass. The isle has a river of birds That open their mouths in song- Sad island birds … Continue reading

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Noriega Varela- the Angelic Wolf

Noriega Varela This is an article translated from the book Galicia Emigrante 1954-1971 a collection of the radio broadcasts of Luis Seoane (Ediciós do Castro: A Coruña, 1994). Angelic Wolf is the name the great poet of Portugal, Teixeira de Pascoes, gave … Continue reading

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There you have him- Man

There are wounded knees that touch the ground Joined hands that unite the soul in one moment Lips that gurgle prayers like mountain springs In the dark of the night, steaming chalices of blood. Someone’s soft hand presses against the … Continue reading

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