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Dawn II- Iglesias Alvariño

   Ploughline fingers touch through the dawn and wash by the river green pastures. -Ah, my morning girl says wedded she’ll be to a wind like brave youth gusting in from away out over the sea. -Ah, feel the wind … Continue reading

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Shadow of Life

Texeira de Pascoes (1877-1952) Shadow of life, speak! Come tell me your eternal secret. O Cosmic shadow shine out. I want to find myself on your intimate, suffering breast. I want to see you and get to know you, O … Continue reading

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Santiago- a Poem by Lorca

Tonight Santiago went by On his path of light through the sky The playing children say so a gentle brook’s burbling water. Where to, celestial pilgrim, riding that infinite clear path? He’s heading for distant dawn’s shine on a horse … Continue reading

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Manuel Rivas- The Return

In Ithaca they were all dead. They say it was I, Argos the dog, who was the first to awake: -Dead, dead, dead! A smell stronger than shit, of the living man, was what made me vomit up the celestial … Continue reading

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Gloria Fuertes: Historia de Gloria

If you feel like a dishcloth Like a butt Like a husk. Don’t water your sadness, Your failure doesn’t exist (The failure is his!) Of the man who used you to clean himself And threw you away like an old … Continue reading

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Elías Veiga- Robinson Astur

Last Tuesday The men from the council Put out Three waste containers Next to the church. It’s about time Now there’s hardly anyone left In the village: Four pensioners With an old cow And four chickens. All the young men … Continue reading

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The Girl at the Fountain

I saw you on a clear night, It was Midsummer´s Eve, And you were putting fresh herbs Out in the fountain to cool. Ah, but you were so pretty Like the rose on the rosebush When it is covered all … Continue reading

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Álvaro Cunqueiro- The Enchanted Island

There is an enchanted island Away in the deeps of the sea With oxen the colour of weather And shepherd girls made of glass. The isle has a river of birds That open their mouths in song- Sad island birds … Continue reading

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I caught her alone in the pines Overcome by the dawning of fear; She wanted to run but couldn’t, Knowing the kind of beast I am. She pleaded with me on her knees On her knees with me she pleaded; … Continue reading

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Cuartetu de la Criación

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate  You shut the door tight and barely hear Much more at your back than the striking Hard and dry of wood and iron. You’re not going out, no, but in to the hearth Where all … Continue reading

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