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The flax spinner is a theme in Spanish poetry and painting. In this short post I offer tow poems by Novoneyra on the theme.
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Is Basho an arse?

The poems are exquisite.  The sensibility is fine.  Basho is aware of his own importance.  He puts quotations from other writers into his work and allows his own writing to enter into dialogue with poets of the past.  He knows he is good enough to have a place in history.  Basho has a lot of poet friends who are always happy to see him, so he must have been a good dinner guest. How is it, then, that he can behave like an arse?

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Trobadores- Johan Arias de Santiago

I saw a young girl walking At Cresente through the woods And there she started singing Far from the view of the world Tying her skirt at the waist As the sun with dawn gold chased The banks of the … Continue reading

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Dawn II- Iglesias Alvariño

   Ploughline fingers touch through the dawn and wash by the river green pastures. -Ah, my morning girl says wedded she’ll be to a wind like brave youth gusting in from away out over the sea. -Ah, feel the wind … Continue reading

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Goliard Poetry

Goliard PoetryIO let us now be happyWhilst we are still so young.After our happy youthful days,After our bitter older age,Down to the earth we come.IIWhere are they?  Where did they gothose who lived before us?Either to hell down below,or to … Continue reading

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Following Lot

I can hear at my back the crying of the children, I take with me the words of the dead, I ask myself right now if the beds are not even cold yet how can I not turn and look … Continue reading

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Roxana Popelka- Make-up

Make-up Those two students, the ones who are sitting in the back row, scare me. You can see so much aggression in their gaze. They don’t look happy and they are only 16. Their faces are caked with make up. … Continue reading

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David de San Andrés- the Mirror

The Mirror in your face with grey hair: in your unbitten mouth: in your gaze with cataracts: and    in your 56 years that weigh on you            is reflected            every … Continue reading

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Héctor Pérez Iglesias- The sunset is a dog

The sunset is a dog all mangy-coloured that circles around in a corner of the sky looking for a place to lie down. Cobalt fugitive and frothy saffron. The shadow of a sparrowhawk suddenly has the fatal quality of a … Continue reading

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I’m Going to Sleep

I’m Going to Sleep Teeth of flowers, hairnet of dew hands of grass, you, my gentle nurse have laid out the earthy sheets for me and the eiderdown of well-cleaned mosses. I’m going to sleep, my nurse, lay me down … Continue reading

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