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Novoneyra and the Shepherd’s Calendar

Two poets look at a disappearing landscape, from distant points in time. Continue reading

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R.S. Thomas: Wales and Galicia

Two books published in 1952 and 1953 show the connections between Galicia and Wales, R.S. Thomas and Novoneyra. Continue reading

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Poets that Dig: Catalonia and Galicia

Catalonia is on my mind.   My friend Amand went to Barcelona to see the referendum on October 1.  He was born in Mallorca and studied in Barcelona as a drama student in the seventies, joining street protests against the Franco … Continue reading

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Following Lot

I can hear at my back the crying of the children, I take with me the words of the dead, I ask myself right now if the beds are not even cold yet how can I not turn and look … Continue reading

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