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Trobadores- Johan Arias de Santiago

I saw a young girl walking At Cresente through the woods And there she started singing Far from the view of the world Tying her skirt at the waist As the sun with dawn gold chased The banks of the … Continue reading

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Iglesia Alvariño- Rosalía de Castro

      Rosalía de Castro Oh, the long rain! A dream of grass atop the bridge -Hill peaks, night peaks and many little children. -Turn white, happy white mill, happy spout. -What dreams are the still waters of your eyes … Continue reading

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  The Pastoral of Pedr’Amigo de Sevilla One day on my way to Compostela as a pilgrim a shepherdess I saw. I’ve seen none so fine in all of my life nor any that spoke finer than she, so I composed … Continue reading

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Manuel Rivas- The Return

In Ithaca they were all dead. They say it was I, Argos the dog, who was the first to awake: -Dead, dead, dead! A smell stronger than shit, of the living man, was what made me vomit up the celestial … Continue reading

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Don’t run away: it’s metrics!

So here you have it, my heart, shut up with a key so tightly. Now open it up and come in for you will fit in and you only. I’m sending my heart to you with the key to open … Continue reading

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The Girl at the Fountain

I saw you on a clear night, It was Midsummer´s Eve, And you were putting fresh herbs Out in the fountain to cool. Ah, but you were so pretty Like the rose on the rosebush When it is covered all … Continue reading

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En las Orillas del Sar

In the organ’s echoes or the wind’s words In a star’s shining or a drop of rain, She felt you all round, saw you everywhere Without ever finding you. Maybe she found you, found you and lost you Again, in … Continue reading

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Vanessa Gutiérrez- The House

The House In memory of the runaway (fugáu) Ladino Suárez Four decades on He came back to the homeland of his dead To pay the debt he contracted With burnt blood. How much pain there was amongst the ivy That … Continue reading

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Ramon Piñeiro: Philosophy of Saudade Part II

Saudade in Rosalía Ramón Piñeiro can be a little dry.  If you prefer the poetry, skip to the end and read the examples of Rosalía: they are bleak! Besides the forms of solitude Rosalía speaks of explicitly- the loneliness of … Continue reading

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Saudade- Ramón Piñeiro

This is part of an essay by Ramón Piñeiro in his book Filosofía da Saudade.  The word is very difficult to translate.  Piñeiro says that it is not the same as angst or melancholy, although there are certainly some common … Continue reading

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