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Novoneyra and Saudade

The roots of Novoneyra in Galician Saudade: yearning. Continue reading

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Saudade, Sebastianismo: Portugal

What do Titanic, hobbits, Gandalf and fourth-century Galician heresies have in common: could it be Saudade? Continue reading

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Xosé Vázquez Pintor

Xosé Vázquez Pintor- The Longing Won’t Win Out The longing won’t win out if only the summers keep ready after so much winter, which leaves us scared like the cloud that comes from the Tropic and suddenly it drops below … Continue reading

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Héctor Pérez Iglesias- The sunset is a dog

The sunset is a dog all mangy-coloured that circles around in a corner of the sky looking for a place to lie down. Cobalt fugitive and frothy saffron. The shadow of a sparrowhawk suddenly has the fatal quality of a … Continue reading

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Shadow of Life

Texeira de Pascoes (1877-1952) Shadow of life, speak! Come tell me your eternal secret. O Cosmic shadow shine out. I want to find myself on your intimate, suffering breast. I want to see you and get to know you, O … Continue reading

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The Girl at the Fountain

I saw you on a clear night, It was Midsummer´s Eve, And you were putting fresh herbs Out in the fountain to cool. Ah, but you were so pretty Like the rose on the rosebush When it is covered all … Continue reading

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Neo Romantizo: turning Romantic again

So far as life cures its own wound in me It reminds me of a thirst I didn’t have- A desire for channels and wells Where a voice bubbles up to be torn by the wind. There were never words … Continue reading

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My friend, my lover

My friend: well then, they asked me Asked after you and my sadness Though it’s true you weren’t taken Taken by earth or by sea Nor even the happy breeze. My friend: it’s true, I was sad Just because you … Continue reading

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Celso Emilio Ferreiro- Longa Noite de Pedra

Long Night of Stone In my path there is a stone I have a stone in the middle of the path I have a stone In the middle of the path I have a stone. (Carlos Drummond de Andrade) The … Continue reading

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Fado is music associated with a place.  Like Memphis Blues, Cuban Son, Colombian Cumbia, or Argentinean Tango, Fado celebrates its birthplace, evoking the streets and characters of Lisbon, that ‘city of sailors that never puts out to sea.’  And, just … Continue reading

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