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Ibn Sahl- The earth has donned a green cloak

The earth has donned a green cloak and dew spreads pearls across the hills, the flowers awake, seeming like camphor, and penetrating musk the dust; the lilies salute the roses, a pearly mouth that kisses a red cheek. The river … Continue reading

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Francisco de Rioja- Silva I

Silva I A painter who wanted to paint the figure of Apollo on a laurel wood panel. I wetted my brush with colour in vain to flesh out, O Phoebus, your figure on a laurel panel: Oh, the colours obey … Continue reading

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Juan de Jaureguí- Dialogue Part II

ESCULTURA: Painting, you don’t convince me with all that talk of your greatness; as those men you are talking about will be dead in two days, them and their works. You can think of his fame as complete whose foundation … Continue reading

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Juan de Jaureguí- Dialogue Between Nature and the Arts

Dialogue Between Nature and the Two Arts, Painting and Sculpture, to contest and judge which of the two should have preeminence. Dedicated to the practitioners and theorists of these arts. SCULPTURE: O, venerable mistress of the Arts, learned and able, … Continue reading

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