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Xosé Manuel Valdés- Lisbon

When one goes to a foreign country amongst people, buildings, pigeons, statues of people one doesn’t know the air is somehow more breathable and it is as if they took from your feet some thousand-year-old leaden boots. It’s as though … Continue reading

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Cuartetu de la Criación

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate  You shut the door tight and barely hear Much more at your back than the striking Hard and dry of wood and iron. You’re not going out, no, but in to the hearth Where all … Continue reading

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Xuan Bello- Unfinished Poem

I, who no longer believe in what I write, Who lie when I tell the nuances Of what matters, at twenty-something Years of my life, in Oviedo, I declare The rightness of things that get away, Tobacco smoke, the air … Continue reading

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Xosé Antonio García- Alcordances d’un Home Muertu

XVI What does it matter who I am, if from birth I have been lighted by darkest night? Magical is the life of dreaming and fantasy: I am the sprite with the enchanting call, Emperor of the earth and the … Continue reading

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