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Our Language: Novoneyra and Noriega Varela

Our Language The mountain man is coming now. Why?  Oh dear heart!  He is blind- He cannot see past the veil: He is coming to speak Gallego He is coming so that Gallego can live. Our language is a little … Continue reading

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Iglesia Alvariño- Rosalía de Castro

      Rosalía de Castro Oh, the long rain! A dream of grass atop the bridge -Hill peaks, night peaks and many little children. -Turn white, happy white mill, happy spout. -What dreams are the still waters of your eyes … Continue reading

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J.I. Pidal Montes- Sabino

Lifting me up like a forkful of grass My grandfather Sabino was very fine lifting up forkfuls of grass. An untitled architect they would never have employed to build the Temple of Solomon; because my grandfather, if he had to, … Continue reading

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Ruben D’Areñes- Scars

Scars I look at my own naked body made up of back-borne years that I count inexactly with scars. They are like clouds or the froth of a coffee, looking like things, some change depending on the day. They are … Continue reading

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Manuel Rivas- The Return

In Ithaca they were all dead. They say it was I, Argos the dog, who was the first to awake: -Dead, dead, dead! A smell stronger than shit, of the living man, was what made me vomit up the celestial … Continue reading

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Gloria Fuertes: Historia de Gloria

If you feel like a dishcloth Like a butt Like a husk. Don’t water your sadness, Your failure doesn’t exist (The failure is his!) Of the man who used you to clean himself And threw you away like an old … Continue reading

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Cespedes: Poem on Painting

I’ll start out here, Painter of the World. On the first and second days Right up to the last day of rest, From confused and shadowy chaos you brought A happy face to light from out of the deep; And … Continue reading

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Always the Same

‘So my girl, did you see a wolf To take the words from your mouth?’ A young lad said this to a girl Because she went silently by Without saying a thing to him Or those he was walking with. … Continue reading

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En las Orillas del Sar

In the organ’s echoes or the wind’s words In a star’s shining or a drop of rain, She felt you all round, saw you everywhere Without ever finding you. Maybe she found you, found you and lost you Again, in … Continue reading

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