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Trobadores- Johan Arias de Santiago

I saw a young girl walking At Cresente through the woods And there she started singing Far from the view of the world Tying her skirt at the waist As the sun with dawn gold chased The banks of the … Continue reading

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The Girl at the Fountain

I saw you on a clear night, It was Midsummer´s Eve, And you were putting fresh herbs Out in the fountain to cool. Ah, but you were so pretty Like the rose on the rosebush When it is covered all … Continue reading

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Álvaro Cunqueiro- The Enchanted Island

There is an enchanted island Away in the deeps of the sea With oxen the colour of weather And shepherd girls made of glass. The isle has a river of birds That open their mouths in song- Sad island birds … Continue reading

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Love Stronger than Death

Romance: a Love Stronger than Death Count Childe when he was a lover Crossed over the seas as a child; He took his horse down to water On the morning of St John. His horse was still there drinking He … Continue reading

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Cantigas de Escarnho e de Maldizer

Ugly Woman Oh, ugly lady, you complain I never praise you in my song But now I will craft a refrain With which to praise you loud and long You stupid, ugly, old dame. Ugly woman, God forgive me, Since … Continue reading

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Noriega Varela- A Worm Goes By

Don’t step on me, walker! Insignificant pauper, I’ve a saint’s advocacy Who calls to the wandering wolf, My brother, who stands in for All the Lord’s delicacy.   This short poem rests on the slight dissonance of that ‘delicacy’ at … Continue reading

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